This rescue dog sleeping on a bed for the first time EVER is crushing us

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 3.9 million dogs are put into shelters every year. That means 3.9 million doggies are waiting to be adopted, facing the possibility of euthanasia if they don’t find a home. Not to be a downer, but about 31% of canines that enter shelters never get to leave because they are put down.

But here’s the good news: when dogs are rescued, their whole lives change. A video posted by the YouTube channel Rumble Viral is a perfect example of this. The recording is just over 30 seconds and shows a rescued 7-year-old bull terrier, Millie, meeting a bed for the first time in her life.

Before this moment, Millie presumably was in a shelter, and who knows where she was before that. She may have been homeless or in an abusive situation, living outside at the end of a chain.

But now, she’s in paradise.

Look at this pup! She’s way too excited about the bed to consider sleeping on it.

I wish I was this excited about anything. Anything. Millie, teach me your ways!

Millie is reinventing the blanket. Why huddle under blankets, wishing for the weekend, when instead you could be rolling around, having the time of your life?

Oh, that tail says it all!

Millie was rescued from Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. Her unbridled joy about having a bed to sleep on is a great reminder that 1. we are really lucky to have beds, and 2. we should all adopt as many animals as we can!

Or, you can, like, donate or volunteer. That works, too.

Watch Millie fall in love with this bed below and carry her happiness around in your heart for the rest of the day:

(All Images via YouTube.)