Here’s a rescue bunny doing a milk-fueled happy dance

Animal rescuers at Bunny Chats took in an orphaned wild cottontail rabbit and uploaded a vid over the weekend. As if that wasn’t adorbs enough news all by itself, the sweet little baby bunny might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Watch him break into a happy dance when his caretakers feed him milk from a tiny syringe. Even the camera person can’t hold back the giggles when the little bunny gets his happy feet on. Not that we blame him. I’ve already watched this five times this morning, and I can’t stop saying awwwwwww.

Quick real talk before you enjoy the cuteness. If you find a baby bunny that appears to be abandoned here’s what you do! If the baby is in the nest, leave it there! Mama bunnies really don’t abandon their young very often and it’s likely mama is just out for the day and will come home at night. If the nest is there but has been destroyed then you can try and reassemble it a bit but keep it outside. And if the baby is truly alone (sans nest) or appears injured, call a wildlife rehabber for help. Got it? Also, there’s lots more info at this handy bunny-geared website.

Ok, cuteness time.

Images via here.