Republican Gov. Jan Brewer Takes An Unexpected Stand

Last year, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was snapped giving a heavy wag of the finger to President Obama on the Phoenix airport tarmac. The infamous photo, in which the blond, 68-year-old conservative Republican sported a flamingo pink blazer, made the rounds on the web and had the world wondering, WTF is she saying to him?!

(Obama was opposed to a controversial immigration bill that Brewer had signed, which majorly cracked down on illegal immigrants in her state.)

But oh, what a difference a year makes. While they may never see eye-to-eye on border management (for one), Brewer’s turned a bipartisan leaf for Obamacare. In fact, the second-term governor is so determined to have Arizona embrace Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion that her entire week’s schedule reads, “Hold for budget, Medicaid negotiations.” (aka: Until this happens, I’m vetoing everything.)

Politico notes that while Brewer isn’t the only Republican who’s come to terms with Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, she’s certainly the most vocal. And in a time where important legislative resolutions have often been held hostage by hard party lines, that kind of political bravery takes a lot of ladyballs.

Featured image via Politico

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