It’s been reported that the average mom essentially works two full-time jobs — and duh

Everyone says being a mom is a full-time job, but how many people really think about the amount of time moms spend doing work for other people? Well, thanks to a new study by Welch’s (yes, the fruit juice company), we can place a number on how long moms work per week. And in today’s completely unsurprising news, the study shows that moms pretty much work two full-time jobs.

According to Working Mother, Welch’s commissioned a study of 2,000 American mothers with kids between the ages of 5 and 12. What they found was that, on average, working moms essentially spend 98 hours a week working.

With a traditional work week being 40 hours, that means that working moms are working overtime, all the time.

The 98-hour workweek was calculated by using the fact that the moms in the study, on average, started their days at 6:23 a.m., with family duties or work not being completed until 8:31 p.m. That makes for a 14-hour work day. If you multiply that by seven, you get 98 hours.

Now, while we may have some issues with the math (you would think you wouldn’t multiply the full 14 hours by seven. since most people only work their day jobs five times a week), we can’t dispute the fact that moms spend way more of their time doing stuff for other people than they do for themselves.

And the study also found that moms claim to only get one hour and seven minutes of “me time” each day.

If you’re a mom and are feeling tired, just remember this 98-hour number and know that you have every reason to be exhausted. Don’t feel guilty about it. And if possible, make it a priority to get some help so you can have additional time to yourself for your own mental health. You’ve earned it.

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