Why this web series reminds us how important it is to keep trying

When you’re a 20-something drowning in student debt, relationship woes, and work drama, it can be easy to fantasize about packing up and starting over somewhere else, thus leaving all your responsibilities and failures behind. But few great things have landed in our laps from giving up after the first go, and web series RePlay is the perfect reminder of just how true that is.

In RePlay, 25-year-old Allison is stuck reliving her disastrous birthday over and over again, and is thus given the rare opportunity to try and change things for the better. Ultimately, after a few mishaps, Allison finds her flow in her peculiar new set of circumstances—and realizes that it’s an incredible opportunity for her to work on herself, her relationships, and her dreams of being a DJ.

But while not all of us are lucky enough to be stuck in a time vortex, thus allowing us to perfect every day of forever, the most surprising realization we’ve realized from watching RePlay is that its core message is something we should be applying to everyday life. There’s always the opportunity for a “do-over,” and if something truly matters to you — like Allison’s career dreams — then it’s essential that you keep fighting for them and keep trying to work towards them, no matter how many road bumps you might run into along the way.

RePlay is the perfect reminder that you learn a surprising amount from messing up, but that it’s the journey towards the things we want that makes them so much more valuable. For more life inspiration, stream RePlay for yourself on go90!