Renting a celebrity’s house for vacation is a real thing you can do

Planning a vacay anytime soon? Or just need to get away for a bit? Everyone needs a break now and then, and we’re thinking that break would be even sweeter if it involved kicking back in a celebrity’s digs. We know, the invites aren’t exactly pouring in from the likes of T-Swift and Chris Pratt (we’d totally be down for that, though, for the record). But it turns out you don’t have to actually be friends with the stars in order to float around in their backyard pools. In some cases, we mean. In others, this could end with a restraining order, so be sure to read the rest of this article.

Yes, you can LEGIT stay in a celebrity’s home on vacation because it turns out that renting a famous person’s house is a real thing that people do. is an awesome vacation rental website — one that I’ve personally used before with great success. It turns out that a few of their listings are the homes of actual celebs. We’re talking about celebrities who have passed away, for the record. So they won’t be crashing your pool party or anything, but still. These are A-listers with huge followings.

For example, we’ve found the absolute perfect place to rent for National Novel Writing Month—John Steinbeck’s house in Pacific Grove, California. I mean, if you can’t crank out the next great American novel there, where can you? (Other than, you know, Starbucks, where all the other novelists hang out.) And guys, it’s only $180 per night!

Once your novel is finished, you’ll probably want to go somewhere to celebrate. You’ll need a place where you and your friends can party down, but in a classy way, since you’re a novelist now and all. Someplace where the Rat Pack used to hang out, maybe? Yessss. And you’re in luck, because you can totally rent Frank Sinatra’s house in Palm Springs. The pool is even piano-shaped, you guys. (Because of course it is.)

When New Year’s Eve rolls around, what would be better than staying in a home once owned by Mr. New Year’s Eve himself, Dick Clark? He hosted the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve television special every single year from 1974-2004, but when he wasn’t hanging out underneath disco balls, he stayed at this gorgeous lakefront house in Lake Arrowhead, California. It’s actually sort of a bargain at only $599 per night (compared to Frank’s party pad at $2600 per night).

If you’re looking for somewhere sporty, you might want to check out Merv Griffin’s 39-acre equestrian, 13-bedroom paradise in the Santa Rosa Mountains in California. It even comes with horses! Which it should, since it costs over $5,000 per night stay there. (Insert shocked face emoji.) But there’s no denying the fact that this place is GORGEOUS.

If you’re looking for a place that’s just plain magical, you can always check out legendary magician Harry Houdini’s beautiful Hollywood Hills estate. It actually looks like someplace you’d stay in Tuscany. It seems like the perfect place to kick back with nice glass of red. And then maybe get sawed in half or something.

BRB going to pack our bags.

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