Renée Zellweger opened up about having kids and her perspective is so amazing

Renée Zellweger is on the press circuit for her new film Bridget Jones’s Baby, so of course a few interviewers probably wanted to ask her if she’s ever thought of having kids of her own. It’s a personal question, sure, but one that Zellweger has probably been asked a few times during her career. In an interview with Extra, she gave quite possibly the best response.

“I’ve never really thought like that about anything in my life, really. I’ve always been kind of open to whatever may be, curious to see what’s next,” Zellweger said. “I’ve never been that deliberate about my life and the things that I would require in order to be happy.”

Even better, she revealed that she finds her character of Bridget to be pretty inspiring. In fact, since the original film came out back in 2001, Bridget has been an ideal role model in showing that all women have their own flaws, and that’s completely OK. (I’m pretty sure we all remember Mark Darcy telling Bridget that he likes her “just as you are.” Swoon.)

After re-watching that clip, it’d be so great if Mark Darcy was the father of Bridget’s child — but hey, we need to wait and be patient like everyone else to see the outcome!

It’s good to know that Zellweger prefers to live life one step at a time. Not having a checklist of things that need to be accomplished makes every day just a little bit more enjoyable. If you want to check out Bridget Jones’s Baby, the film will be released on September 16th.

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