A reminder of the weirdly wonderful things men can do with facial hair

Last weekend in Oregon, three hundred contestants entered the annual World Beard and Moustache Championships to show off their facial hair creations. The categories ranged from a freestyle moustache to a partial beard, and many of the entrants took the opportunity to get really creative with their facial follicles.

The biennial competition was founded in 1990, and is covened by the World Beard and Moustache Association. The rules are taken seriously: No artificial hair is allowed in the competition, meaning that those who want to enter have to allow time to grow their creations before the competition. There are seventeen categories of competition, including the slim, upwardly curled moustache “the Dali” and a “full natural beard,” which prohibits the use of any styling products, bobby pins, or elastics. From long, curled mustachios to beards woven into whip-like braids to traditional Z.Z. Top-level beards, the contestants sported some truly impressive styles this year. To be honest, it makes us a little bit jealous.

Check out some of the coolest looks:

And the winner was. . .this guy’s beard:

[via: imgur/TheOregonian/NewYorkDailyNews]