Reminder: Pat McGrath’s Metamorphosis005 comes out tomorrow and these swatches are unbelievably hypnotizing

Glitter — the trend we all thought died in junior high has come back with a vengeance, and we are living for it! All of our favorite brands are delivering their take on the madness, but no one has us as breathless with anticipation as Pat McGrath’s Metamorphosis 005 kit, which FINALLY comes out tomorrow! Not only that, we finally have a look at some swatches, and they are seriously a next-level sparkle explosion. This is the glitter makeup of the future that we’ve all been waiting for. It might actually be impossible to top this stunning new line. Looks like we’ll be rocking glitz and glamor way before the New Year’s festivities.

Look at Naomi Campbell feeling herself while wearing the Metamorphosis 005 kit in Copper. Even she knows that this is the real deal!

Look at how it radiates off her eyelids? How is it that it’s so brightly pigmented and yet so elegant at the same time?

We could get lost in this video of this swatch for the rest of the day!

And how great is it that these different shades all look fabulous on different skin tones?

This is going to be THE look of the season, and this kit is the cream of the crop.

Are you as breathless with anticipation as we are?

[tempo-video id=”5216738858001″ account=”4607804089001″]

It’s actually thrilling to see how the glitter game is being upped. You’re never too old to stop playing with glitter, and you better believe that we’re going to be saving our precious pennies to get our hands on this truly special kit.

The Everything Kit will set you back $165, but you’ll look like a supermodel goddess. The kit with four color options is $60 and the black duel-ended marker is $24. We have a feeling it’s going to be so worth it! Or better yet — put it on that holiday wish list! You can get yours tomorrow, here.

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