Reminder, matey: Lorac Cosmetics’ Pirates of the Caribbean collection launches tomorrow

You know that gnawing feeling at the pit of your stomach when you know you’ve forgotten something important, but can’t remember what it was?! Well, if you have the feeling that Tuesday (tomorrow) is important, but you can’t remember why, the Lorac Cosmetics Pirates of the Carribean collection will be launching.

So, if your stomach has been rumbling with mysterious anticipation, we have a feeling the coming cosmetic slaughter of the Pirates of the Carribean makeup from Lorac Cosmetics is what’s secretly on your mind, and for good reason.

The Jack Sparrow-inspired 18-shade eyeshadow palette, the six cheek shades fit to make you a blushing beauty of the open sea, and the six equally powerful lip shades included in the Pirates of the Carribean collection will all finally be available for pre-order on the Lorac Cosmetics website tomorrow!

We are ready to channel the reckless abandon of Jack Sparrow, with blush brush in hand!

We’re secretly hoping the pre-order includes a courtesy pet parrot.

Even the case for the eyeshadow palette looks like an artifact you’d find in a treasure chest.

The eyeshadows themselves look like precious powdery gems.

We’ll be keeping our gaze steady on the horizon, since we know this collection is about to sneak up on us.

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