Remember Sport from “Harriet the Spy”? He’s super hot now.

Let’s face it. Gregory Smith was *probably* your dream boyfriend in the early 2000s.

Remember Gregory Smith? He was in Harriet the Spy, playing Harriet’s cutie BFF, Sport.


Sport was loyal, sweet, and would basically do anything for Harriet. Which is why Harriet helped him out when she spotted him at a grocery store not being able to afford food for him and his dad. Harriet came to the rescue right before Sport put away the cheese — she pretended to have picked up the money Sport “dropped” on his way into the store, even though everyone in that store knew that was probably not true.


This moment though. It made your eyes water every single time, didn’t it? POOR SPORT, HE JUST WANTS SOME MILK AND BREAD AND CHEESE.


True moment of best friendship right here. (That is, until Harriet’s spy journal gets passed around and Sport discovers Harriet feels sorry him sometimes.)

Gregory Smith also played Greg (why Disney didn’t bother giving his fictional character a name different than his own, we will never know), Zenon’s love interest in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.


Maybe you remember his role in Everwood? Smith played the babely Ephram Brown…


…Alongside CHRIS PRATT, who played Bright Abbot, Ephram’s best pal. (Fun fact: This was Chris Pratt’s first-ever TV role.)


Of course you remember Gregory Smith. Gregory Smith had the face of a sensitive, sexy angel, and was the kind of guy who asked you for permission before he leaned in for a kiss. The kind of guy who graciously held your purse at the mall while you tried on jeans.

So, what ever happened to Gregory? Well, he’s still our dream dude. He’s just a lil’ older. The 34-year-old is now a director AND a producer, and plays Will Griffin in the TV show Designated Survivor (which airs on ABC).


Gregory has also directed a few episodes of Arrow (in 2015 and 2016) and Legends of Tomorrow (in 2016).

Which leads us to present day Gregory Smith. Are you ready for this? BRACE YOUR BODIES, GUYS.

Gregory is basically peak hipster now. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Unfortunately, he doesn’t really post on Instagram very often. Here’s a gem from December 2017:

Here’s Gregory with his wife enjoying some nature (they seem to be big on that).

And here they are again. So cute!

…OK, we stole this one from his wife’s Instagram. LOOK HOW SWEET THIS LIL FAMILY IS.

We’ll be watching Designated Survivor just for you, Gregory.