Remember JoJo? She’s SO back

Guys. JoJo is back. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

After nearly a decade, JoJo has released III, an EP of three singles (which she’s been calling a “tringle,” heh) on her website yesterday. “THANKFUL AND EXCITED to share these three singles with you!!” she wrote on her website. “Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for your support over the years. The journey is just beginning . . .”

JoJo was actually going to be releasing the tringle today — at least, that’s what she told fans — but she surprised us all by dropping it a day early, and we could NOT be more thrilled.

The songs? “Say Love,” “Save My Soul,” and “When Love Hurts.” Focusing on love and heartbreak, the 24-year-old has clearly grown from her teeny-bopper “Leave (Get Out)” days, and she has a seriously amazing voice. We have a feeling these will be songs stuck in our heads for a long time coming. JoJo had been hinting on social media for the past several days about her new music, posting videos of herself singing and hashtagging #tringle.

In 2004, at the age of 13, JoJo became the youngest solo artist to ever have a number one single on the Billboard charts. When she was only 12 years old, she signed a seven-album deal with Blackground Records, and her debut self-titled album went platinum. Then, she released The High Road in 2006, praised by critics and including the hit we all know and love, “Too Little Too Late.” So why the long gap? When every 2000s teen was singing her music back in 2004 (we know we were), why would she suddenly drop off the radar? It certainly wasn’t her fault. In fact, her record label was essentially keeping her musically hostage.

“I’ve recorded about three incarnations of this third album,” JoJo told BuzzFeed in May 2013. “We’ve chosen the track listing, we’ve done multiple album photo shoots, chosen the cover, chosen the credits, everything.” But they never received a response. “Blackground Records lost their distribution deal through Interscope, and if you can get the answer from them on why that happened, that would be a miracle,” JoJo explained in 2013, “because I am sure they would not engage you in that conversation.”

But now, the feud is over, and she’s released from her contract. She has now graced us with “Say Love,” a soulful anthem that asks for honesty, openness, and authenticity in a relationship; “Save My Soul,” a dancy-yet-heartbreaking pop song about breaking up; and “When Love Hurts,” a poppy song that opens right up into its meaning: “When love hurts / yeah that’s when you know it’s real.”

Listen to the singles on JoJo’s website, and be prepared to have them stuck in your head all day. Welcome back, JoJo — our ’00s hearts missed you oh so much.

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