Remember the girl who found her lookalike? She just found another

According to myth, there are seven people who look just like you in the world —but most of us haven’t experienced seeing or meeting real-life doppelgangers. Up until recently. If you don’t remember the story about the girl who found her almost-exact lookalike, here’s a little refresher. About three months ago, we were all totally wide-eyed over a bet three friends in Ireland made. The bet? Who could find their doppelganger first within a month. Sounds like a pretty short amount of time, but not with the help of social media (like their Facebook page, Twin Strangers, which has almost 250,000 likes). Back in April, 26-year-old Niamh Geaney totally DOMINATED that challenge by finding her twin stranger named Karen Branigan. She also lived in Ireland, and the two met up and found that yes, they look almost exactly like twins. I mean, come on, look at these pictures:

And nope, they’re not related. Crazy, right? Well, Niamh just blew us away again: she has found ANOTHER twin stranger. Her name is Luiza Guizzardi, and the resemblance is super eerie. Unfortunately, this time, Niamh and her lookalike lived farther away —Luiza lives in Italy. But that didn’t stop Niamh from traveling over to Genoa on the Italian Riveria and seeing this resemblance for herself.

This time, she decided to meet Luiza’s family and friends before she met Luiza in person. “I just wanted to see what she was like before meeting her,” Niamh explained in the video documenting the story.

First up: her friend, Andrea. “When I met Andrea, he said that myself and Luiza had the same presence or aura,” Niamh said. And they both shed a few tears. . . So sweet!

The tears kept a-flowin’ when Niamh met Luiza’s mother.

Then, it came time for Niamh to meet her doppelganger. “It was my second twin stranger, and you’d think I would have been prepared from the first,” Niamh said in the video. “I just got really, really nervous for meeting her, because what does she think of me as well? Would I live up to her expectations?”

But it turned out she had nothing to worry about. Both girls were totally blown away by the resemblance.  “Just our movements, and our gestures, and the way we scruffle our nose,” Niamh said. “We play with our hair in the same way.” But the wildness didn’t end there: they decided to do a makeover so they could look as similar as possible.

Last time, blue-eyed Niamh and her first doppelganger had different-colored eyes. This was the case with brown-eyed Luiza as well, Niamh was prepared with contacts!

The result, once again, totally freaked us out. They seriously look so similar in their facial features:

Niamh stresses that she thinks the similarity is more obvious in person, but she is impressed with how the whole thing turned out. “I really do think, though, that we look more alike in person than we do in photographs,” Niamh says in the video.

Um, we TOTALLY see it. Especially in that second picture. . . WOW. The concept of twin strangers is so insane to us. (And hey, any of my personal twin strangers, feel free to reach out to me so we can be BFFs forever.) Thanks, Niamh, for sharing this awesome story with us!

(Images via YouTube)

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