Remember conjoined twins Rosie and Ruby? Well they’re totally healthy and starting school this year!

Do the names Rosie and Ruby Formosa ring a bell? Rosie and Ruby were the conjoined twins who, back in July 2012, were given only a 20% chance of survival. Joined at the abdomen, the twins shared an important organ and had to be separated through a strenuous and terrifying operation after being born at 34 weeks. Thankfully, these twins beat the odds, and now they’re getting ready to face their next challenge — school.

“Four years ago it wasn’t in my mind that this would ever happen,” Angela Formosa, the mother of the twins, said to The Guardian. “When I was pregnant, I didn’t think I’d ever see their first day at school, so it is really amazing.”

Angela credits GOSH, or the Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London for making this all possible. As expected, GOSH is thrilled that the girls have made such amazing progress. “It’s always a joy to witness patients’ progress and to hear that they are reaching new milestones — this makes the job we do all the more rewarding,” said Paolo De Coppi, a consultant pediatric surgeon at the hospital.

“They’re such strong little girls…I mean, I always knew they were going to be strong, since they survived,” Angela said. She is constantly reminded of how much they’ve been through.


While the girls know they were conjoined, they’re not yet old enough to understand how miraculous their survival really was. Angela is waiting until they’re older for them to go through the discharge letters and truly understand their own bravery.

We wish these two sweethearts a good first year at school! Knowing their strength and dedication to power through, we know they’ll get an amazing education.

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