Someone reimagined this Ariana Grande song into an amazing ’80s track and it’s #ThrowBack central

We totally love ’80s music. Everything from Cyndi Lauper, classic Madonna, Duran Duran, the Eurythmics, and the Human League gets us bopping. But what about if someone like Ariana Grande had been around in the ’80s? Well, someone has reimagined this Ariana Grande song as an ’80s classic and it’s a #ThrowBack dream.

Now, Ariana is no stranger to everything ’80s. The star has already brought back this ’80s hair trend while paying homage to Whitney Houston, and loved the lewk so much that she rocked it twice. Basically it’s safe to say that had Ariana been an ’80s popstar she would have been a fashion goddess like she is now.

Well, now we can get a taste of what it would be like if Ariana had released music in the ’80s, too.

YouTube channel Tronicbox has totally transformed the singer’s summer smash, “Into You,” into a dreamy and slinky ’80s midtempo bop and it’s making us want to dig out the leg warmers, a rara skirt, and an oversized blazer while dancing like no one’s watching.

Is it just us, or does this sound SO current? Obviously “Into You” is totally incredible, but this ’80s version gives it a totally different vibe that we’re all about.

This isn’t the first time that Tronicbox has given an Ariana song an ’80s makeover.

Earlier this year, they shared this epic version of “One Last Time” that we’re still totally obsessed with.

They also tried their hand at Ariana’s sax-laden single “Focus.”

Likewise, as we reported back in June, they also turned Justin Bieber’s infectious pop songs into smooth ’80s jamz.

IMAGINE IF JUSTIN BIEBER HAD MULLET IRL! We don’t think we’d be able to cope.

Likewise, Katy Perry’s inspirational banger, “Firework,” was also given the #throwback treatment, too, becoming this funky number.

Okay, we’re totally convinced right now that Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry need to team up ASAP and make a 1980s homage album complete with old skool synths, keyboards, drum machines, and those horn sounds. C’mon guys, it’s got to happen, right!?