11 reasons why Allison from “RePlay” is the most relatable character on the web

Plugged into Twitter 24/7? Check. Gets awkward when stuck in uncomfortable social situations? Check. Needs a little help managing her money? Yup, that too. It’s official: Allison from RePlay is the most relatable character on the internet right now.

If you haven’t seen RePlay, the web series about a girl who replays the same day over and over again after it goes terribly the first time around, you’re seriously missing out. The main character, Allison, is all of us: a twenty-something struggling to find her place in life. In a world filled with characters who get out of bed wearing a full face of makeup, it’s refreshing to see one who looks and acts and talks like us for a change. If you don’t know Allison, you’re about to. Here are 11 reasons why she’s so incredibly relatable—and for more, check out RePlay for yourself right here.

1. She’s going through a sucky breakup.

Breakups are the pits. They make you question everything and make you wonder things like, What should I have done differently? and Am I going to die alone now? Allison isn’t afraid to show us the ugly side of breaking up—the side where you cry things out with a glass (okay, a bottle) of wine.

2. But! She’s using it as motivation to succeed.

Bye bye, Brent; hello sweet DJing gig in Las Vegas. (Hopefully.) DJing is Allison’s dream, and her ex actually did her a favor by getting her blood boiling. Now, she’s more fired up than ever to make something happen for herself.

3. She’s thirsty for someone to acknowledge her on Twitter.

Girl, we’ve all been there—tweeting endlessly at someone (cough, Mindy Kaling, cough) until they reply or at least favorite what we said. Being acknowledged by your idol on Twitter is the ultimate prize, and Allison’s quest for DJ fame led her to do some serious stalking of Sven and Sophie, the duo who could make or break her Vegas fate. Luckily for her, it paid off.

4. Her #hashtag game is #strong.

Our favorite is #ilovesickdrops, because, same. #welovesickdropstoo

5. Red wine makes her feel all of the feelings…

It doesn’t take long for Allison to go from cheerily promoting her party to crying about her ex, ranting at Sven and Sophie, and hitting on her best guy friend. But on the bright side, our new favorite phrase is “Claire Danes cry face.”

6. … and then pass out almost immediately.

Just when she’s starting to feel fine, bam. Sleep takes over and Allison hits the hay. You win again, wine.

7. She’s stressing out about making rent.

This one is almost a little too relatable. Allison and Sasha are living paycheck to paycheck, and we’ve definitely been there before. It seems like there’s always rent due but there’s never enough cash. Maybe that brand new mixer Allison just got has something to do with it. Which leads us to…

8. She splurged on something frivolous instead of saving.

The DJ equipment she bought cost $2k, which is a small fortune when you’re 25 years old. We know all too well what it’s like to admire a purchase but immediately feel guilty about spending too much and not saving enough.

9. She’s a total wreck when she meets her idols.

When Allison finally meets Sven and Sophie, she has no chill. None whatsoever. She fumbles her words and makes uncomfortable jokes. Even when Sven and Sophie are insulting her to her face, Allison takes it in stride and laughs it off, not wanting to insult them.

10. Her dad does awkward dad stuff.

What 20-something doesn’t get flooded with “dad texts” from time to time? You know the ones: overly supportive and a little embarrassing, but totally coming from a good place. Allison’s dad manages to do the most dad thing of all: call and accidentally hijack her entire set with his support.

11. She’s passionate about something that she loves.

Allison has a goal and she’s sticking to it, no matter how many times she fails. She’s keeping her eye on the prize. Even if your dream isn’t to DJ in Vegas, you can still see a lot of yourself in her character.

There are more similarities where that came from. Stream RePlay now on go90!