Regina King’s Bikini Body Makes Revenge Look Good

If looking good is the best revenge, then Regina King definitely wins at revenge. As of late, King, 42, has been going through a when-it-rains-it-pours period: At the end of March, reports surfaced that she and boyfriend Malcolm-Jamal Warner had split after nearly a lifetime of friendship (both had been child stars in the ’80s) and two years of romance. One source said that the break was less than clean, with King and her son (whom she had with her ex-husband) being forced out of the house the seemingly happy threesome shared.

So what did King do? She grabbed her girls, grabbed some booze and headed to Cancun, Mexico for a little R&R. In my experience, that kind of combination can do wonders for your headspace. Especially the booze. (Besides, binge-sleeping only feels good until you get hungry.) But King’s got at least one thing to celebrate — Her bangin’ bikini body! It’s practically fit enough to make a grown man weep (ahem, Malcolm).

King’s break-up wasn’t the end of her heartache though. While in Cancun, news broke that her TNT cop drama, Southland, would be cancelled after five seasons. Despite knowing that, King grabbed a cocktail, hopped in the pool and put on a happy face for the cameras, refusing to sulk away the sunny days in bed a la Carrie Bradshaw post-Big’s cold feet (which, of course, would have been totally normal). Also helping to ease the pain of cancellation? King’s new gig! She’s already set to star in a new comedy pilot on ABC that may prove therapeutic — “Divorce: A Love Story.”

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