Regina King in this stunning one-shoulder white dress will knock you off your feet

Emmy-winning actress Regina King has had a stellar few years on TV. She starred in American Crime and The Leftovers, and won an Emmy for the former. Now, Regina King will star in Seven Seconds on Netflix, a series set around racial tensions in Jersey City.

Regina should be feeling pretty good right now, and she looked like she was at the Vulture Awards Season Party last night. You should probably sit down, because when you see Regina rocking this white hot dress, it will knock you off your feet.

Regina King looked stunning in this one-shoulder white dress, and we are floored.


OMG, we’re pretty sure Regina just won fashion.

We love the stunning yet simple silhouette that highlights Regina’s gorgeousness.


This stunning white body-hugging cocktail dress looks like it was made for Regina. We love the artful drape of the single sleeve, which makes Regina look like a goddess. Regina rocks a strikingly graceful necklace and a little bling around her wrist to top off the look.

When it got a little cold outside? NBD, because Regina had a similarly jaw-dropping white coat to go with her impeccable dress.


If it’s possible, the coat makes the look even more chic.

We can’t fully express our extreme emotions seeing Regina looking this fabulous.

Yeah, Regina, that’s how your fashion makes us feel.

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