Want to live in Regina George’s ‘Mean Girls’ mansion? It’s totally fetch.

Regina George was the quintessential teen villain in Mean Girls, and she had a house to match. Her family’s mansion was opulent, huge, and just the right kind of insane. And as it turns out, that house is totally real! Even better, it’s for sale! That’s right — you could live out your favorite Regina George scenes . . . assuming you have $14 million to spare.

The Toronto-based (not Chicago-based) mansion was recently listed by Sotheby’s International at an asking price of $14.8 million. So what does that kind of green buy you? Well, it definitly lives up to its reputation as Regina George’s house. We’re talking 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a garage for six cars, a pool, and a tennis court. It also has more than three fireplaces, and this statue of a dude holding a giant oyster shell, which I know you’ve been looking for.

Imagine what you could do with a 20,000 square foot mansion from Mean Girls. You could roll up to the front door in your convertible like this:

Hang with your friends in Regina’s bedroom:

Dance to a Kelis video in the living room:

And even have a DMC (a deep meaningful convo) with your cool mom:

Or, you could just chill in this all white room and play your harp. So many choices!

Sotheby’s describes the house as a “NeoClassical Solid Stone Estate” that balances “grandeur and elegance.” Sadly, the description makes no mention of the real selling point — that it’s part of cinematic history. I guess instead they wanted the marble countertops, wine cellar, and multiple acres of property to speak for themselves.

Of course, with a house this incredible, pictures say a thousand words. So let’s just all take a moment to scope out this place and daydream about our own Regina George lifestyles (albeit our much kinder versions of the Regina lifestyle, with far fewer buses).

In case you’re ready to drop a cool $14 mill, here are the deets.

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