Here’s an exact tally of all the references in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls should be taught in history classes around the world because watching all seven seasons is like an intensive pop culture study. Between the years of 2000 and 2007 Lorelai and Rory packed in so many topical references to everything from movies, television, politics, and even pizza. But the two didn’t stop just there, oh no. There were references and allusions to just about everything under the sun from the beginning of time right up until present day in Stars Hollow. And you probably missed a good chuck of these references, because the charactersweretalkingsofast.

Never fear! The folks over at Vulture actually started a tally of all the times Lorelai and Rory make any sort of reference to the pop culture world — and even counted how many cups of coffee were consumed over the span of seven seasons. With Gilmore Girls set to return to the small screen via our our reliable bestie, Netflix, it’s about time someone counted just how many books Rory had her nose in throughout the course of the series. That number is 339. That’s a whole lot of books, but would you expect anything less from Rory?

After watching every single episode from start to finish — and hey, that doesn’t sound like such a bad work assignment — they’ve got some cold, hard numbers to report back. Kinda surprising, kinda not surprising, there were actually more books mentioned than movies or television on the show. Movies are referenced 284 times, while there are shoutouts to 168 TV shows. The show with the most mentions is Happy Days, with five references.

Other numbers tallied include cups of joe (503) and out of 153 episodes, Emily Gilmore managed to go through more than 50 maids. As for Stars Hollow itself, with 14 total festivals, that means it averaged two a season.

Head over to Vulture to check out the full list of numbers, and study up. You never know when a Gilmore Girls pop quiz will happen.

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