People are hating on Reese’s Peanut Butter hearts, so we did some serious investigating

There’s been some heated chatter on social media about a particular Valentine’s Day treat: Heart-shaped Reese’s. Much like their Christmas trees, it seems as though Reese’s has yet again released another sad, disfigured seasonal sweet. Or have they?

Here’s what Twitter seems to think:

Some feel like the heart looks exactly like the scorned Christmas tree Reese’s.

Some are just clearly holding the heart upside down.

And some just had higher expectations for the chocolate.

Always on the hunt for ~*~the truth~*~, we picked up a few Reese’s hearts to see for ourselves. And this is our verdict.

So, Reese’s hearts aren’t perfect, okay? Their length and sharpness are kind of aggressive (we personally prefer our hearts rounder and softer), and they’re kind of phallic (or could TOTALLY be carrot-shaped). But minor flaws aside, Reese’s hearts definitely look like hearts.


One thing we’d like to note is that Reese’s *could’ve* done a better job separating the humps of the heart. They’re kind of attached right now? So please  take note, Reese’s.


As for the peanut-butter to chocolate ratio (aka, the most IMPORTANT part we should all be talking about, really), Reese’s nails it per usual.


And remember, #allheartsarebeautiful.