Everyone is very sad about Reese’s Christmas trees

If Starbucks fired the first shot in this year’s so-called “War on Christmas” with its minimalist holiday coffee cups, then Reese’s just rolled out a cannon.

The company’s seasonal Reese’s Christmas trees—simply referred to on their packaging as “Tree”—have finally hit store shelves and they’re missing something pretty distinctive: The actual tree shape. 

According to shoppers, this year’s batch of Reese’s trees lack any real tree-like definition. Instead, they bear a troubling resemblance to the company’s Easter eggs (simply referred to on their packaging as “Egg”).

So, what else can disappointed customers do but take to Twitter and other social media platforms to voice their displeasure with the company? The complaints are pretty hilarious.

Our guess? Like companies that fill half their potato chip bags with air, Reese’s may have decided to literally cut some corners this year in hopes of saving a few bucks.

Let’s just hope the chocolatey peanut butter taste we’ve all come to know and love hasn’t changed, too.

(Images via Twitter)