Reese Witherspoon’s “Friends” character may have predicted “Legally Blonde”

Are you in the mood to hear an interesting theory? What would you say if we told you that Reese Witherspoon’s Friends character predicted Legally Blonde? According to Bustle contributor Kadeen Griffiths, there’s a very interesting connection between Rachel’s sister and Elle Woods.

Witherspoon appeared in the Friends episode, “The One With Rachel’s Sister,” as Rachel’s youngest sister Jill Green. She arrives at Monica’s apartment in a panic and tells the gang that her father has cut her off. She then delivers the line:

"And you know what I said to him? I said 'I'm going to hire a lawyer, and I'm going to sue you, and take all your money, and then I'm going to cut you off!' He said he wouldn't pay for my lawyer."


Griffiths notes that this line is particularly interesting because a year after Witherspoon made her final appearance on Friends, she went to star in Legally Blonde. And Griffiths writes,

"It wouldn't be too insane to imagine a world in which she became the lawyer that her father wouldn't pay for."

So here’s the theory. After failing miserably to get revenge on Rachel by seducing Ross, Jill decides to escape it all and attend UCLA. She drops out, and as a result, her father cuts her off. Her perfect boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, breaks up with her to attend law school. In order to get her boyfriend back, and become the lawyer her father wouldn’t pay for, Jill/Elle attends Harvard Law.


It would be fun to believe that these two characters are maybe one in the same, or that they correlate in some fashion. But Griffiths points out the fact that this would be impossible. Jill Green is 24. Elle Woods is around 21 or 22.

Elle is also an only child, which means that in order for this theory to be valid, Rachel wouldn’t exist.

And as much as we love Elle Woods and Reese Witherspoon — what would the world be like without Rachel Green?!

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