Squeals of joy! Reese Witherspoon is starring in Disney’s live-action Tinker Bell!

What do you get when you combine Reese Witherspoon with faith, trust, and pixie dust? We’re about to find out. The Oscar-winner (and amazing human person) has signed on to play Tinker Bell in the movie titled — can you guess? — Tink. Yup, Disney’s at the live-action game again, and this time we’re going to Neverland. And, AH!

Not only will Witherspoon star in the movie, but she’ll also produce it in conjunction with Disney, and her own production company, Pacific Standard. There’s already a writer attached to the script, too. Victoria Strouse, who penned Disney and Pixar’s upcoming Finding Dory, is in charge of the writing so already this is shaping up to be an awesome lady-powered movie. Fairy powered? Whatever, they both work!

This is now the billionth live-action adaptation that Disney has in the works, but it does not appear to be a re-telling of the classic Peter Pan where Tink just flies around, causes trouble, tries to kill Wendy, and then gets locked up by Captain Hook. Nope, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who first broke the news, the story will “play with the idea and the timeline of the well-known Peter Pan narrative.”

That makes it sound like it won’t mirror how by-the-book the most recent Cinderella played out, or how the future Beauty and the Beast sounds like it’s shaping up, or the future live-action Mulan. Or Pinocchio. Or Dumbo . . . am I missing any? Instead, Tink sounds like it will more resemble Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent, which told an “untold” story. We are totally ready for Tinker Bell’s untold story. 

There are already a handful of cartoon Tink movies, like Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, The Secret of the Wings, and The Pirate Fairy, but those are aimed at the Saturday morning cartoon crowd. This will be a grown-up adult Tink, and we’ve got full confidence in Witherspoon (and Strouse) to deliver an incredible film.

OK, but seriously how excited are you to see Witherspoon FLY?

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