Reese Witherspoon’s TBT photo has even her surprised at her natural hair color

For as long as we’ve known her, Reese Witherspoon has always rocked blonde locks. (Uh, hello? She’s famous for a film called Legally Blonde.) So can you blame us for just assuming she has always had light blonde hair? However, she didn’t start out life with Elle Woods’ Barbie blonde hair color. It turns out that Witherspoon is actually a natural brunette, and she’s just about as shocked at the #TBT reveal as we are.


"Wait... is this my real hair color?!?" Witherspoon captioned her November 21st throwback picture, adding "#tbt #1990s."

We don’t know how it happened, but young Reese Witherspoon actually just looks like a totally unrelated doppelgänger. Sorry, we don’t know her!

Witherspoon has, in fact, gone brown for a few select roles including June Carter Cash in 2005’s Walk The Line and in her most recent project, The Morning Show on Apple TV. But we honestly thought going brunette was Witherspoon stepping out of her comfort zone. It turns out that she was actually stepping back in to her natural ‘do.

But, like many of us out there, Witherspoon’s natural hair color seems to have shifted throughout her childhood. In August, the actress posted another #TBT pic from her grade school days, and here it looks like she was a little bit blonde and a little bit brunette.

You know what? Maybe Witherspoon should go back to brown permanently so we can better tell her and her daughter Ava Phillippe apart. That would be incredibly helpful.

Wow. You really think you know someone until all of the sudden, they reveal they’ve been a brunette in hiding this entire time.

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