Reese Witherspoon just posted the sweetest and most supportive Instagram for a fellow actress

Over the past few months, a portion of the media has been particularly cruel to Renée Zellweger. There were rumors speculating that she opted in for plastic surgery and many people made rude comments about the actress’ appearance.

Things really heated up when Renée began doing press for her newest gift to the world, Bridget Jones’ Baby (which, for the record, we are so psyched to see), and Hugh Grant said he didn’t even recognize a photo of her. She got so fed up with the nasty commentary that she wrote a poignant piece for The Huffington Post called “We Can Do Better,” which urges us all to think twice about feeding the tabloids that tear down women and their physical bodies.

It’s been interesting to see who has flocked to Renée’s camp to show her support. Reese Witherspoon is no doubt amongst them and a loyal friend to boot, as her latest Instagram post proves.

“Always [love] seeing my friend #RenéeZellweger and her return to one of my favorite characters! Bridget Jones’s Baby was so fun! Did y’all see it?”

Um, #RelationshipGoals. They’re obviously friends who can stand the test of time. And don’t they just look positively radiant together? We can barely handle it.

Reese has been known to melt all our hearts with her Instagram-worthy female friendships. Just last year, her once-costar Sofia Vergara got married and she shared the special moment with all her fans.

Let’s let out a collective “Awww!” together.

Clearly, Reese is the best friend in the world and we’re sure Renée — and Bridget Jones for that matter — appreciates her support.

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