Reese Witherspoon’s Throwback Pic With Paul Rudd Proves They’re Both Ageless

Is it just us, or does she look exactly like her daughter Ava here?

It’s no secret that both Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth at some point in their mid-20s, drank from it, and then didn’t tell anyone else where it is. That’s fine, guys. Really. We’ll get over it. At least we get to wonder and ogle at how beautiful and ageless Witherspoon and Rudd remain as the years tick on—and Witherspoon’s most recent Instagram upload perfectly proves the Fountain of Youth theory to be 100% true.

Wait a second… did #PaulRudd and I take the ‘Selfie’ in 1996? Witherspoon captioned a September 22nd Instagram upload.

Maybe, just maybe, Witherspoon and Rudd are actually ageless time travelers. After being jolted into the 2010s eons ago, they returned to the 1990s to show their fellow 20th century kids how to “selfie.”

Sure, it’s a stretch. But we’re running out of explanations.

Witherspoon’s selfie—the mother of all selfies to come—was most likely snapped while Witherspoon and Rudd were on set of their 1998 rom-com Overnight Delivery. The movie was released direct-to-video because, well, no one knew who Witherspoon and Rudd were at the time. They joined forces again in 2010 for the movie How Do You Know?

“Thank you for this,” Natalie Portman commented on the pic. Selma Blair added, “I’m in love with this relic fit for the smithsonian.” “How is it you both look the same 24 years later? I want your secret,” actress Francesca Capaldi commented. Another follower wrote, “It’s really unclear since @paulrudd_ doesn’t age…was this taken yesterday with @avaphillippe or was it 24 years ago with @reesewitherspoon. We may never know…”

Wait a second—this could be yet another compelling theory.

For proof, we’ll have to look at a photo of Ava Phillippe taken, not yesterday, but just one week ago.

Immortal youth, time-traveling, potential cloning—none of it makes logical sense, we know. At some point, we truly believe we’ll finally figure out how Witherspoon and Rudd ward off time. Until then, we’ll just keep adding evidence like this 1990s selfie to the pile.