Reese Witherspoon shared her two biggest secrets for throwing an awesome party

Real life Southern Belle and mega-talented actress Reese Witherspoon has tips for entertaining, aka, throwing an awesome party.  The Big Little Lies star and entrepreneur recently opened up to Martha Stewart Weddings about her lifestyle brand, Draper James — which is adding its first wedding collection — and how to throw a fantastic, stress-free party.

Witherspoon, who just finished filming A Wrinkle in Time in New Zealand, knows exactly how hard it can be to plan a party, so she shared some of her best tips to make any party absolutely killer — even when little bumps in the road get in the way.

According to Witherspoon, in order to throw the perfect party, all that’s needed is good music and amazing drinks — the rest is just an added bonus.

"Great drinks and good music are all you need. Even if the food is bad! If the music is good and the drinks are flowing, everyone is happy," Witherspoon said.

Sharing her go-to cocktail, she added, “I learned to make southern sweet tea from my grandmother — she always served it when anyone dropped by. I’ve added my own twist to her recipe: I mix it with vodka for an easy cocktail, or add rum to make an iced-tea mojito.”

We love that her keys to a successful party are so simple. We know how easy it is to be totally consumed with getting every detail perfect!

The Legally Blonde actress also shared one of her favorite party themes, which also happens to be the perfect way to avoid showing off a messy house. We all live stressful lives and sometimes we just don’t have time to make our houses look perfect. Witherspoon’s alternative is to throw a party outside!

"I love a garden theme," Witherspoon said. "Hosting outside takes the pressure off having your house look perfect — you can let Mother Nature do all the work!"

We seriously can’t get enough of her ideas. If Reese ever decides to retire from acting, she would make THE most amazing party planner.