The one style you’ll never catch Reese Witherspoon wearing again

Reese Witherspoon has a lot to celebrate. Her clothing line Draper James just had its first anniversary earlier this month, and she celebrated her 40th birthday back in March. Even though Reese doesn’t look a day over 30, after this birthday milestone, she implemented a style rule for herself.

“I have a rule that if my teenage daughter is wearing it, I’m not supposed to be wearing it,” she told PeopleStyle. “Ava and I can go through an entire magazine and be like, ‘That’s for you, and that’s for me!’”

Reese has previously said that she and Ava share clothes, but it seems like those days might be dwindling. For Reese, at least. Ava still has the run of her mom’s closet!

“Some women love to wear cutoff shorts and look really good in them, but I like a polished, tailored short,” she continued. “I feel like I am too old to be wearing cutoffs at this point … It probably does have to do with my age.”

We’ve always loved Reese’s style. It’s bright, preppy, and polished, and always put together without being overly matchy-matchy. Whatever rules she’s setting for herself, they’re totally working!