You need to read texts from Reese Withspoon’s mom, because they’re awesome

Well this is adorable.

Amidst the sea of pre-Oscar behind-the-scenes snaps on social media, comes a true gem from Best Actress Oscar nominee Reese Witherspoon.

About an hour or so before the telecast, Reese posted to Facebook some amazing texts from her mom that just win all of our texts-from-mom awards (P.S. let’s make that a thing).

Reese’s mom, Betty, who was there to celebrate her daughter’s Oscar win in 2005, texted over some love before tonight’s event.

Betty is a super-proud, super-supportive mom who has a solid handle on emojis. So we’re already loving her.

Oh but wait, it gets even better.

Yeah, this text exchange pretty much made our night already.

(Featured image via Instagram)