Reese Witherspoon will guest star on “The Mindy Project,” and this is even better than a Wreath Witherspoon

If you can believe it, The Mindy Project is about to get even more fun! That’s because Mindy Kaling confirmed that Reese Witherspoon will guest star on her Hulu comedy. In an excited Instagram post, Kaling said that her actress friend would make an appearance in Season 6.

From the post’s caption, the situation Kaling and Witherspoon’s characters find themselves in sounds somewhat dire.

Basically, they get stuck in a cave. And based on the beautiful, red dress Witherspoon is sporting, it looks like she’s not exactly roughing it out in nature. Kaling, on the other hand, appears in more outdoorsy-looking gear — and a huge smile.

Not much else is known about Witherspoon’s character — though, from the photo, she almost seems to appear to Kaling as a helpful vision or dream. Then again, any appearance from Witherspoon would probably feel like a dream because, let’s be real, she’s just the best.

This isn’t the first time Witherspoon has appeared on The Mindy Project…well, sort of.

Kaling previously included a now-classic joke about “Wreath Witherspoon,” a holiday wreath decorated with pictures of Reese, on the show. And we’ll go so far to call it one of the most delightful holiday puns in recent TV history.

Whatever Witherspoon’s role, we can’t wait to see these two wonderful women share the small screen together for the upcoming (and sadly final) season of The Mindy Project, which premieres on Hulu on September 12th.

After that, we’ll hopefully see a lot more of them together as they rev up for the March 9th, 2018 premiere of A Wrinkle in Time.