Reese Witherspoon is hiring a librarian for her book club and yes, it’s as ideal as it sounds

Calling all bookworms! If you’re a Reese Witherspoon fan (who isn’t?) and you love to read and laugh, then we’ve found your dream job. Witherspoon is hiring a paid, part-time librarian for her book club, and the gig is exactly as ideal as it sounds. The first-ever Librarian-In-Residence, as Hello Sunshine is calling it, will have conversations with the book club community, speak directly to the spotlighted authors, and best of all, talk about the book picks with Reese (which we’ve imagined doing many times). TBH, the payment is just a bonus, because we would literally pay to land this role.

If you’re unfamiliar, Reese’s Book Club picks one book a month for readers to devour and discuss with each other. Previous books have included Where the Crawdads Sing, Little Fires Everywhere, and Daisy Jones & the Six—aka powerful books that tell women’s stories.

A few must-haves that the application page notes: a passion for book clubs and book culture, enthusiasm and fun-loving energy, comfort being on camera, and generally being well-read and familiar with Reese’s Book Club picks. You’ll have to submit a 90-second video, so prepare to shine.

If you’re thinking, “This job is screaming my name, but I’ve never been a librarian before,” don’t worry—previous librarian experience is encouraged, but not required.

You can also live anywhere in the country, and Hello Sunshine will cover your travel costs. This just keeps getting better and better. Witherspoon announced the exciting news in a video, where she notes a few extra things that will make candidates stand out. Killer dance moves are a plus. Watch the full announcement video from Reese herself below.

Sign up to be the Reese’s Book Club Librarian-In-Residence here, and live your Reese-loving, bookworm dream life.

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