Reese Witherspoon’s Homeschooling Pics are Beyond Relatable

Move over, Batman—Batboy is in town.

Any parent who has opted to go the homeschooling route in lieu of in-person classes, virtual school, or a little bit of both (coined “hybrid” learning) in the past few months knows that its not a walk in the park. Reese Witherspoon is one such parent. She’s attempting to play teacher to her seven-year-old son, Tennessee, but judging by the photos she’s posted to Instagram…things aren’t really going too well.

Home school is going great, Witherspoon captioned her August 31st Instagram, adding a crazy-face emoji.

The photos show Tennessee hanging upside down from the kitchen island, the dining room table, and some show, some way, the car.

At least Witherspoon, who shares Tennessee with her husband of nine years Jim Toth, has a sense of humor about her inability to rein her pupil in.

“Tennessee is a bat now,” fellow mom Mindy Kaling commented on Witherspoon’s post. Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer both posted a crying-laughing emojis, and author Kevin Kwan wrote, “I was doing the exact same thing at his age. I just wanted to be upside down on trees, on swings, on furniture. Go Tennessee!”

However, luckily for Witherspoon, it looks like Tennessee *is* willing to learn now and again. About a week prior to posting photos of her bat son, Witherspoon uploaded a photo of herself and Tennessee getting down to business with some iPads, notebooks, and pencils.

Online learning here we come!! she wrote in the caption.

As long as Tennessee gets plenty of time to hang upside down at “recess,” we’re sure he can focus up at some point during the day to get his education. But, then again, he’s seven, so…We’re sending Witherspoon our best.

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