Reese Witherspoon took the cutest Halloween portrait of her dog and now we need to make this a thing

We don’t know where the time has gone, but Halloween is almost upon us, boys and ghouls! And, although it’ll be turkey season soon, soaking up that last little bit of Halloween spirit is worth it! After all, it isn’t *officially* Halloween yet, and there are plenty of scary movies to watch and yummy candies to eat before November arrives (and we all start daydreaming about turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie). And, just like us normal folk, celebrities are *really* into Halloween too!

Reese Witherspoon, for instance, takes her love of Halloween to a whole other level!

Here she is with her kids for trick-or-treat!

These hand-decorated pumpkins are anything but scary!

She’s definitely prepared in the candy department! Talk about jealous!

These photos are all well and good, but the best photo Reese shared with us on Instagram is of her pupper! Witherspoon’s dog, Pepper, is one photogenic pooch! Just look at that bandana. It’s fab.

We’re definitely into the idea of having fall pet portraits done now! And, honestly, who doesn’t love seeing their favorite furry creatures in Halloween costumes? See a few more below.

This German Shepherd might not be too excited about her costume, but she makes the cutest martini ever!

This cat is sure to put a spell on you!

These puppers are having a howlin’ good time!

So to all you hooch-drinking, candy-giving, animal-picture taking people: Happy Halloween!