Reese Witherspoon gave a tearful speech about Goldie Hawn at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

We love it when celebrities inspire other celebrities. Reese Witherspoon is a fan of Goldie Hawn, and she made this fact abundantly clear during a speech she gave at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Both Hawn and her significant other, Kurt Russell, received stars this year. It’s about time.

Witherspoon was able to give Hawn her own little tribute at the event, and it was so emotional that she was holding back tears. In her eyes, Hawn is her idol, and someone she looked up to throughout her own acting career.

If you want to know how much Witherspoon loves Hawn, check this out: She made her own pin for the big moment.

"I had to go down and make an ‘I love Goldie' button because I am literally her biggest fan," Witherspoon said.

Variety posted the full speech on Twitter, and it’s making us laugh and cry.

Witherspoon’s fandom, which was revealed throughout the seven minutes, makes us appreciate her even more.

"My very first e-mail address was [email protected]," she admitted.

Um, that’s kind of adorable.

Witherspoon also admitted to the audience that she actually printed out and framed a text she once got from Hawn.

Even better, she pointed out that a lot of Hawn’s roles gave inspiration to women. She even credited the 1986 movie Wildcats, and Hawn’s role as Molly McGrath, for proving to her that women could be tough, funny, feminine, and warm all at once. Witherspoon also said that Hawn helped her figure out the real meaning of feminism.

Both of these two ladies inspire us immensely, and we’re so happy that Hawn is finally receiving such an incredible honor!