We Knew Deacon Phillippe Was Reese Witherspoon’s Twin, but This Picture Is Further Proof

Her kids are literal doppelgängers.

The internet may be quaking over the resemblance between Reese Witherspoon‘s eldest son, Deacon Phillippe, and his dad, Ryan Phillippe, but honestly, we think he looks like his mama’s twin. The Morning Show actress recently posted to Instagram a mother-son photo of them at lunch together and the similarities between them are uncanny. The smizing! The eyebrows! Need we say more?

“Making sure we get some good photo options incase we ever need an album cover for the mother x son band I’m trying to convince @deaconphillippe to start with me,” Witherspoon captioned the June 30th post.  She was looking very Draper James in her blue and white checkered button-up dress and straw sun hat while Deacon sported the classic bomber jacket white tee combo.

We know, we know, of course he looks like his mama—kids look like their parents! But COME ON. They are *twins*!

The likelihood of a “mother x son band” may not be that far of a reach. Deacon’s music has gained a respected following (undoubtedly thanks to his mom’s funny attempts at TikTok dances set to the tune of his music) with his 2020 release of “Long Run” featuring vocals by Nina Nesbitt reaching over 11.7 million streams on Spotify. 

In a story for Interview Magazine, Deacon said his passion for music first began four years ago after a car ride with his dad. “Something just clicked,” he began. “I realized there’s more to making music than just being a vocalist, and that a lot of times it’s the production that makes me feel something.” A self-taught producer, Deacon was later taken under the wings of the one and only Kygo and it’s clear, Deacon’s music career is just getting started. In any case, we’re here for momager Reese. 

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