5 times Reese Witherspoon and her daughter looked exactly like twins

Last week Reese Witherspoon shared a photo of her and her daughter Ava, and honestly, we couldn’t tell them apart. They look like twins! We do see traces of her dad (and Reese’s ex-husband) Ryan Phillippe in Ava’s face, and she’s less preppy than her mom—she’s been known to dye her hair rainbow colors, and it looks like she has a nose ring. Still the 16-year-old looks practically identical to her mom.

Naturally, that selfie sent us on a hunt for more mother/daughter photos of the duo. Reese doesn’t post photos of her kids too too often, so when we get a glimpse of her and Ava together, it’s a real treat. What we found did not disappoint. Here are five times Reese and Ava looked exactly alike.

1. That time they hung out with Valentino like it was NBD.

Dinner with a legend? In Rome? Yeah, no big.

2. This adorable photo that was taken before the Hot Pursuit premiere.

They have the exact same smirk! We’re loving Ava’s blue hair.

3. Ava’s sweet Mother’s Day message to her mom.

Their flower child ensembles are too cute.

4. This cute mother/daughter snap.

Seriously, Ava is giving us #hairgoals.

5. When we couldn’t tell if this is Reese or Ava.

It’s Ava, but we’re only sure of it because Reese posted the pic with a touching message to her daughter.

Love, love, love! Keep the twin pics coming, you two.