Reese Witherspoon Just Slayed the 2020 Mood Challenge on Instagram

Mindy Kaling and Kerry Washington also joined in on the fun.

The year 2020 has taught us all about the vast spectrum of emotions. Ever since we rang in the New Year, each month has brought a new roller coaster of highs and lows and just general WTFs. That’s exactly what the 2020 mood challenge on Instagram is all about—and celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Mindy Kaling are showing us how it’s done.

On Tuesday, Witherspoon started the challenge, kicking off a trend that we hope many more celebs will follow. She shared a photo collage with pics of herself depicting different moods for each month from January to September. In January, she started out bright-eyed and smiley as college-bound Elle Woods. In February, she’s a skeptical Elena Richardson from Little Fires Everywhere, and in March, she’s Big Little Lies‘ Madeline Mackenzie receiving terrible news on the phone. From there, the moods devolve into a post-breakup ugly cry and a post-house-burning-down disgruntled mess, and yeah, we feel this.

Witherspoon’s caption sums it all up: Yup. #2020.

Fellow meme-lover and Witherspoon’s A Wrinkle in Time costar Kaling approved of the post, writing, “Reese I’m dead.” Then, continuing the trend, Kaling shared her own 2020 mood board, starting out as a glowing red carpet version of herself for January before becoming malnourished Kelly Kapoor on a juice cleanse. “Pretty much. Inspired by @reesewitherspoon,” Kaling wrote in the caption.

Then, keeping this beautiful trend alive, Kerry Washington joined in on the fun, tagging both Witherspoon and Kaling and writing, “SAME.” As any Scandal fan may have predicted, Olivia Pope held in captivity made appearances for the later months of quarantine.

While we’re waiting on more celebrities to follow suit, we’ll just leave you with Sophie the Pomeranian’s rendition of the challenge.

It’s unlikely that September will grace us with this good hair, but we can dream.