Redheads might be getting their own set of emojis, finally

Listen up, redheads! Rumors are buzzing that you’ll soon be able to spice up your texts with some ginger flair, because the redhead emoji is reportedly on the way.

In recent months emojis have thankfully expanded to become as inclusive and diverse as we all are, and that’s a great thing. From women wearing hard hats to the inclusion of more races, emoji diversity allows for more of us to use texting to express ourselves as we see fit, and we applaud that.

And now it seems our ginger-haired friends will no longer be left out of the loop, because redhead emojis are reportedly coming.


According to a report by Emojipedia (which is, yes, a real thing!), “Redheads are on the agenda at the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting, hosted by Apple next week.” The Emoji Subcommittee (another thing that actually exists!) will discuss steps to create not just one redhead emoji, but a whole set of them.

Apparently, the lack of a redhead emoji is the biggest complaint the Subcommittee has seen in the past three months, and they’re looking to discuss the best way to implement redheads, with multiple options on the table.

Though this news is exciting, it’s worth noting that there are no concrete plans just yet, as the discussions are in the preliminary stages so far.


The report says, “It should be noted that no formal decision has been made on whether a redhead emoji should or would be approved at all. The outcome of this discussion may shed more light on if this will happen, and if so, how extensive the redhead support will be.”

If it comes to pass, we likely won’t see a redhead emoji “until 2018 at the earliest.” Woah, clearly there’s a lot of red tape involved. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed, because here at HG we’re all about inclusive emojis.