Redditors are sharing pics of dogs who have no idea they’re giant

There’s no denying that we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. But we have a special place in our hearts for giant dogs who don’t understand how big they are. 

Okay, let’s back up for a second. So, the spirited Reddit community are sharing photos of their gigantic pet dogs for all the world to see (why not, right?). And their owners look absolutely miniature with their furry friends beside them. Even though these dogs clearly take up all the space on the couch (or the living room, or at the breakfast table), we firmly believe that when it comes to a dog, the more, the merrier.

Ready to witness some (giant) puppy love? Bring on the canines.

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Imagine waking up to this guy!

Perks of owning a great dane

Hey, make sure there’s room for me!

My friends Malamute thinks he's a lap dog

OMG so cuddly.

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You wouldn’t know it, but…there’s a person under this dog. Look at the size of the dog’s head!

Eight month old puppy right here. Quick question, how big is he gonna grow?!?

Duke at 8 months.


Not to discriminate against any of these other dogs, but Simba is one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen.

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Ummmm. Has anyone else ever seen a dog sit like this?

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And one for the road. This guy takes up the length of a couch! false

These are big dogs with even bigger personalities. Plus, now we kinda wanna see the opposite end of the spectrum…smallest dogs ever?! You know, for a healthy comparison.

Until then, give your pet a squeeze! No matter their size, dogs make perfect companions. Even when we have to compete for couch space.

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