This redditor’s grandma looks exactly like Taylor Swift. And the Internet is freaking out.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to doppelgangers. A few have popped up here and there before, and most of them are fans with the same short haircut and deep red lips. And then there are the doppelgangers from another time and place, like the 1970s, who are dead ringers for our girl Tay.

Redditor christmaspencil shared an image earlier this week of their grandparents. They note that their grandfather kinda looks like “Hugh Hefner’s brother.” As for her grandmother? She’s Taylor Swift. Like, this is Taylor. Like, Taylor somehow got her hands on a time machine, and has decided to travel through time to really mess with our minds. And since shes big into retro things as we know, one of her first stops was the ’70s.

I had to do not one, but two double takes looking at this picture. They’ve even got the same red lips! Same blue eyes! This is bonkers.

The Internet, as you can imagine, is freaking out over this because there’s some sort of sorcery going on here (and shoutout to the one commenter on imgur who stated, “no, it’s becky”). The image has already been viewed over one million times, and it’s quickly approaching two.

Taylor, do you see this? Is there something you want to tell us?

Image via Shutterstock, Imgur

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