Red wine ice cream floats are a thing and obviously we need one RIGHT NOW

Here are a few things that are good:

-A breezy day at the beach

-A deep conversation with a friend who truly understands you

-Finding a vintage dress that fits you perfectly AND is on sale


And here is one REALLY good thing that is WAY better than all those other good things:

-A red wine ice cream float

You guys, this is not a drill. BKW, a new restaurant in Brooklyn is offering a red wine ice cream float that combines equal parts red wine and cola with a scoop of gelato. It sounds ridiculously decadent and delicious. Life-changing, actually. Here’s the lowdown via Food & Wine:

Definitely adding this restaurant to our NYC dining bucket list.

But in the meantime, we think we’ll mix up our own version of this recipe — $2 Trader Joe’s wine and Breyer’s might not be quite as glamorous, but on a hot summer evening, it will do just fine.