Red vs. Blue: The Magic of Sports Rivalries

As long as the world has had sports, there has been rivalry. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad, but always exciting. Having grown up in New England, I learned early on that team loyalty is serious business. And when it comes to baseball, there is arguably no bigger rivalry than the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  Although my true loyalty lies with Red, recently I’ve become a big fan of PINK.

That’s because I just learned about the new Victoria’s Secret PINK Major League Baseball® Collection, which includes fun gear representing all 30 MLB teams! So now I can actually feel cute while supporting my beloved team. I mean, even though I’m a die-hard sports fan, a girl still wants to look her best, right? And I couldn’t be more excited with my new go-to wardrobe for game day. For the night games, I’ll be rocking my sparkly tank top and super soft hoodie. For the day games, I am all set with plenty of new and relaxed tees and sweats.

Now, back to the best rivalry in the history of sports… The Yankees had been messing with our Boston psyches since the days of Babe Ruth. Up until 2004, NY had 26 rings, and all we had were 86 years filled with tragic disappointments. But the long-standing rivalry was about to take an exciting and historical turn. Every year we (Sox fans) would say, “This is the year,” but this reallyfelt like the one. They made the playoffs and met up with the Yanks in the ALCS. But the series start wasn’t just bad, it was horrific. The Red Sox lost game one, game two and then game three in a record setting 19-8 final score. No team had ever recovered from a 3-0 deficit. Okay, great. We’re toast. Red Sox fans everywhere had little hope left.

THEN, game four. They won in extra innings! In a nail-biting, 6-hour, 14-inning event, the Sox took game five… and the rivalry became even more INTENSE! In game six, ARod tried to cheat, and Yanks fans started throwing debris all over the field, which led to the cops rolling in with riot gear. But the Sox won! Then the Yanks were defeated in game seven with a final score of 10-3. My favorite headline that year read, “New York Yankees: The Greatest Choke in the History of Baseball.” I still get chills every time I think about that win and how every Boston fan in the area wore nothing but red. They went on to win the World Series after that for the first time in 86 years. For a more detailed recap of the ’04 season, watch Fever Pitch. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are totally adorable!

No matter how much I dislike the Yankees and their fans (sorry, it’s in my blood), I love what this long-standing rivalry has done for these teams and the game itself. There’s nothing more thrilling than being at one of these games, wearing your team colors, and trash talking the rival team. And with my awesome new PINKgear, my red has never been so much fun to wear.

These styles are available for a limited time only. Your love for your team will last forever, so stock up on these items now!

P.S. – #GoSox