These red velvet croissants look like incredible vampire food

Even though Halloween might still be a couple of months away, we’re always ready to get in the spooky spirit (and ready year-round to enjoy the delicious candies, creative costumes, and super fun parties that go along with it).

That’s why we just about freaked out (in the best way) when we saw these tasty treats.

Red velvet pastry stuffed with cream cheese custard, drizzled with red velvet glaze and sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbles, these croissants seem super delicious (not to mention the deep red hue vampires dream about).

Made by the talented Thiago Silver for NYC-based Union Fare restaurant, these red velvet croissants are part of a new line of breakfast pastries conceived of by the innovative chef. As the executive pastry chef for the recently opened gastro hall and restaurant, Thiago is putting his creativity to good use.

And though we’re dying to try the cookies and cream and birthday cake recipes (along with anything else this brilliant pastry master comes up with), we really can’t wait to get our hands on some of these red treats.

So whether you’re popping out for an insanely delicious breakfast or just planning your next monster mash in advance, don’t forget to put these terrifyingly tasty treats on your “Must Have” list.