This red panda tried to scare a rock and failed in the cutest way ever

Just in case you needed proof that even the cutest, most cuddly animals will fiercely defend themselves against anyone or anything, here’s footage of a red panda scaring the bejesus out a rock, or at least trying to.

Not to be mistaken with the actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an actual rock — like the ones we see lying around on the ground — found itself on the receiving end of a terrifying stare down issued by none other than this pissed off red panda.

As humans, we don’t really have anything against large rocks, but apparently we can help red pandas by keeping them far, far away from boulders, stones and the like. According to digg, some people seem to think this terrified panda was actually challenging an insect on the rock, but of course we prefer to take this interaction at face value for the sake of laughing our asses off.

And now, we present to you, The Battle of Raring Red Panda vs. The Rock (not the wrestler-turned-film star):

Whoa! We don’t know about an insect, but there’s obviously some unsettled beef between this rock and the panda, which is strange because we’ve grown accustomed to seeing a more innocent side of red pandas that enjoys eating apples or excitedly frolicking in the snow.

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A little bit of Googling tells us that red pandas have very few natural enemies, outside of snow leopards, jackals and martens. But judging by this near-throwdown, we would like to formally request that animal experts add rocks to the list of red panda adversaries.