So Red Lobster DEFINITELY just responded to the shout-out in the new Beyoncé song

Earlier today, I wrote about Beyoncé’s amazing new single “Formation,” which she dropped without any fanfare on her unsuspecting and adoring public yesterday. The lyrics– which provoke conversation about black pride, the nature of celebrity, and the Hurricane Katrina disaster– were met with praise. One lyric, however, received a bananas amount of attention:

This line was, of course, instantly tweeted and turned into a variety of hilarious memes, including:

Well, Red Lobster has responded to the shout-out, illustrating a sense of humor (and a fun with puns!) I did not know the restaurant chain possessed:

Now I want those cheesy biscuits, and not just because they are, in my opinion, the tastiest thing on the menu. I appreciate when companies possess a sense of playfulness about themselves. Well done, Red Lobster. Now let’s all bow down to the goddess that is Beyoncé and play the track again.

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