Red Lobster has Beyoncé to thank for their booming business

Red Lobster is now experiencing a self-proclaimed “Beyoncé Bounce,” which is their way of saying that they’re basking in Beyoncé’s glow right now and loving it.


Since mentioning the seafood chain in her latest song “Formation,” Beyoncé has given Red Lobster the gift of increased sales. Specifically, this past Sunday, they received a 33% boost in business when compared to last year’s Super Bowl Sunday. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that the 17.5+ million views on the “Formation” music video may have something to do with it.


CEO Kim Lopdrup told USA Today,

Speaking of Twitter, over the weekend, there were over 300,000 tweets about the brand. Red Lobster representative Erica Errori told CNN Money that the company was mentioned over 42,000 times in one hour. As for Red Lobster’s response tweet on Twitter (which many were excited to see), it now has over 14,000 likes and retweets (another record for the business).


If Red Lobster’s Twitter feed is any indication, they are definitely rejoicing in their Queen Bey-based spotlight. When followers weren’t satisfied with their response tweet, they came back with:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Beyoncé is an almighty, benevolent goddess.


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