One of these 10 red lipsticks is likely a match for your perfect pout

So, you’re in the market for a new red lipstick or two? We may be able to help you out. In fact, we found 10 red lipsticks that we think every woman must own. Finding your perfect shade of red lipstick can truly be a life-altering experience. And the road to getting that perfect shade is paved with plenty of experimentation. But you’re not alone! Women have been experimenting with red lips for thousands of years.

Cleopatra painted her lips red with crushed bugs and ants. In the Victorian era, red lips were still around but considered distasteful. Thanks to the suffragettes fighting for the vote, red lips became a symbol of defiance and feminism. And as of today, it’s safe to say that red lipsticks aren’t going anywhere! Stars and everyday women alike still rely on red lips to make a statement. With this in mind, we hope we can aid you with finding your perfect match!

1M.A.C — Ruby Woo ($17)


Perhaps the most iconic of all the M.A.C red lipsticks, Ruby Woo is an extremely pigmented classic red, with blue undertones. The M.A.C website describes Ruby Woo as “Retro Matte,” so if you’re going for that vintage red lip look, this might be the perfect lipstick for you. We’re thinking about changing our name to Ruby Woo, tbh.

2Charlotte Tilbury — Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red ($34)


Winner of Life & Style’s The Best of Beauty 2015 and the CEW’s Beauty Awards Winner 2016, Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipstick might just be leading the lipstick revolution entirely. This formula is guaranteed to make your lips look fuller and last all day. Plus this rich classic red looks beautiful on all skin types. The fact that this lipstick has literally won awards tells us that Charlotte Tilbury means business.

3Bésame — 1935 — Cherry Red Lipstick ($22)


The coolest thing about Bésame’s lipstick collection is that each color is a replica of a real vintage lipstick. So if you’re all about authenticity when recreating a retro look, Bésame is where it’s at. Their 1935 replica shade Cherry Red can be applied as a sheer fuchsia stain or built up to a dark, full-coverage glossy berry red. This color is borderline vampy and will certainly add drama to any ensemble.

4NARS — Banned Red ($28)


Banned Red is the perfect shade for the woman who isn’t sure if red is for her, but likes the idea of it. This NARS satin finish lipstick is a creamy reddish nude with brown undertones. Think of it like a dark terracotta. According to the NARS website, the satin lipstick formula is hydrating and contains a blend of conditioners and antioxidants. We think this is a perfect shade and formula for everyday wear.

5Revlon — Fire & Ice ($8.49)


Revlon’s Fire & Ice made its first debut in the 1950s alongside its nail enamel counterpart by the same name. The color is a true fire engine red — bright with hint of orange to it. According to Revlon’s website, the Fire & Ice campaign, “showed the American woman that she could be as compelling and glamorous in everyday life as any starlet on the silver screen.” But, we already knew that. *hair toss*

6Shiseido — Perfect Rouge in Dragon ($25)


This one goes out to all our girls who hate to stray away from their beloved pinks. Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge lipstick in Dragon is the perfect blend of red and pink. Designed to apply with just one swipe on the lip, the Perfect Rouge is super pigmented by way of Red Illuminating Pearl color technology. We know you love your pinks, you pink-lovers. But this red might be a game-changer!

7Lipstick Queen — Medieval ($24)


If you don’t have a great history with red lipstick — or lipstick in general — Medieval by Lipstick Queen might be the underdog lipstick you’ve been waiting for. Inspired by how women in Medieval times would use the acidity of lemons to redden their lips, Medieval is a super flattering transparent tinted moisturizer. Made with just pigment and Vitamin E, this tint is moisturizing, glossy, and flatters every skin tone.

8NYX — Matte Lipstick in Crazed ($6)


Love the red trend but desire something a bit darker? Crazed by NYX will do you wonders. This shade of brick-red is great for those who love the vampy look and also looks beautifully natural on darker skin tones. For just $6 you can add a bit of classic red zing to you outfit without adhering to the “classic red” color.

9wet n wild — Silk Finish Lipstick in Hot Red ($0.99)


Wet n wild has come a long way in the past few years, and now might be one of the best cruelty-free drugstore brands out there right now. Their Silk Finish Lipsticks feel and look just as good as their high-end competitors, but cost a lot less. Hot Red is that rich bluish red color we’ve grown to love. We think this lipstick is definitely worth the investment (LOL)!

10Glossier — Generation G in Zip ($18)


Here’s another favorite for our sheer girls. Glossier’s Generation G diffused, matte lipstick, “gives the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot,” according to Glossier’s website. Described as a “poppy red,” Zip is great for those who like to go casual but wish to add a flush of color to the lip. Plus, the fact that this formula is sheer means that the color blends and looks great with every skin tone.

There you have it, ladies! 10 amazing red lipsticks that will make you feel as if you’re seizing the world when wearing them. Pay homage to our female ancestors by wearing a red lip here and there, or everyday! The women of history made these red lipsticks so desirable today so do them justice. Have fun, take some risks, and rock a red lip that shows people who’s boss.

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