Somebody recut this “Iron Man” trailer to feel like the upcoming “Logan” movie and it is heartbreaking

Super talented editors have always recreated Marvel and DC trailers with different heroes, and they’re always really entertaining to watch. But we just saw perhaps the most emotional recreation yet. Iron Man got the Logan trailer treatment, and it’s incredibly heartbreaking.

Set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” the trailer creates a really heartbreaking narrative for Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). It follows Anthony Stark’s journey from a self-absorbed arms dealer to a damaged hero. He battles against all of his worst enemies, and we see everyone slowly leave him. Ultimately, he is left alone and really, really sad.

Which makes Iron Man less of a sarcastic, witty hero and soooo much more of a tragic hero.

Check out the trailer:

We don’t know a ton of information about Logan, but we do know that Wolverine (AKA Hugh Jackman) shows his age.

The film is inspired by the 2009 comic  “Old Man Logan,” and takes place in a future where Mutants still exist, but very few of them. Wolverine, whose  powers are blended with evil genius upgrades like enormous claws, suffers from chronic pain and diminished healing.

It’s probably safe to assume that Marvel won’t actually ever make an Iron Man movie that looks or feels like Logan. After all, Iron Man and Wolverine are very different heroes. But it’s really cool to realize how much the perspective of editors and the use of music can totally change the feel of a story.

Plus, broody RDJ? Never a bad thing.

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