A recut “Alien” trailer features cats, and who knew space travel could be so adorable?

If there is one universal truth about the internet, it’s that everything is better with cats. Not only are they adorable and snuggly, they add a certain level of weirdness and levity to every day life. This is why this recut of sci-fi horror classic Alien is the movie we all wish existed! Mashable Studios took existing footage and cut it into a comedy trailer. Instead of the infamous xenomorph, Jonesy the cat is made to look like the space invader.

Someone call Ridley Scott, because this needs to be a thing!


Fans of the franchise will note that this weirdly makes sense for Alien. Besides Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of the spaceship Nostromo was Jonesy the orange tabby cat. While the alien was able to get the best of several humans, it was no match for Jonesy. Not only did he survive, but he made it to the sequel Aliens as well! It just goes to show that Mashable might be on to something.

You don’t want to mess with cats!

So grab some popcorn, and check out this awesome re-imagined trailer! While we love Aliens, so this comedic spin on the classic movie is pretty much the next best thing. And honestly anyone who owns a cat will be able to relate. They can mess up your house as badly as a chestburster alien when they put their minds to it. Even worse if you think about it, since they get fur everywhere. If they had access to space travel, who knows what would happen next!